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Underwater Inspection Services Ltd company providing competitive commercial diver services and underwater inspection solutions throughout the UK.

Our underwater  inspections are available using the latest commercial diving and digital CCTV equipment. Our teams of divers and underwater inspectors are highly trained and experienced in the field of underwater inspection both inshore and offshore.

In addition Underwater Inspection Services also provide underwater surveys using the latest high frequency sonar for seabed mapping and underwater structure assessments.

Our underwater inspection and survey personnel all hold job specific qualifications such as NDT 3.1U, 3.2U and 3.4U.

Underwater Inspection Services Ltd provide inspection divers for the purpose of scour detection and preventative measures.

Any underwater examination can be backed up with hands on maintenance by our underwater surveyors and inspection divers.

Underwater Inspection Services Ltd have an extensive portfolio of underwater inspections including:

water tanks, ships, ports, docks, bridge and culverts, concrete caissons, rivers, canals, waterways, lakes, reservoirs, harbours, coastal esturies, breakwater revetments, retaining wall, aprons and cills, footings, abutments, wind turbines, hulls, ships, sub sea turbines, seals and flanges, pipelines, platforms and oil rigs, dolphins and mooring berths, aeration pipes and tanks, multi span bridges, chemical tanks, power stations, swimming pools, marine structures, dams, water pumping stations, river walls, sewage plants, out falls, lock gates, penstocks, sluice gates, weirs, lock chambers, syphon's, tidal barrage's, mooring chains, thrusters, rudders, anchours.....the list goes on.

Underwater Inspection Services Ltd provide confined space access services for confined space areas that require both dry and underwater inspections.

Commercial divers are the ideal solution for inspecting underwater structures in limited or zero visibility water ...unmatched by ROV's.
All findings are relayed to the surface using live in-water communications which can be digitally edited with any underwater footage.

Our inspection divers can inspect water courses or enclosed water filled areas using the latest surface supplied diving equipment in a safe practical manner.

Each dive team comprises of a minimum of five men meeting the UK's current Health And Safety Executive diving regulations and ACOP's

The underwater inspection team run each operation as inspection diver, standby diver, tender and diving supervisor.

Underwater Inspection Services Ltd are proud to announce we have a zero incidents or accidents safety record.

Our professional divers are available for emergency call outs 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and can provide under water inspections for search and rescue, anti-terrorism, customs, security, marine engineering, construction, shipping and maritime fact for virtually any purpose in the Government, private or business sectors both inshore and offshore.

Our commercial dive teams can be deployed to any UK  location within short notice to complete any underwater inspection or commercial diving task.

Underwater Inspection Services have trained confined space operatives to undertake enclosed space inspections and surveys.

Our teams inspect marine structures, surface water culverts, ships holds, silo's, pontoons, tanks and any other enclosed space where trained and experienced personnel are required.

UK Safety And Rescue Boats

Underwater Inspection Services Ltd provide additional specialist services to industry including:

Rescue And Safety Boat  Services

Work And Survey Boat Hire

Water Safety Services For Operatives Working Near Water

Marine Maintenance And Repair

Confined Space Teams

Safety Boat Hire

Inshore Rescue Boat Service


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