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Kessock Bridge Underwater Sonar And Diving Surveys - Transport Scotland

UK Diving Services Ltd recently undertook diving and sonar surveys on piers 1-10 of Kessock Bridge, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland. The purpose of the inspection was to determine the extent of any scour if present. Due to the visual limitations in water using conventional video and still photography all our diving surveys are backed by underwater sonar giving stand off images for engineers to better understand the condition of their structures and to help implement remedial works. Sonar is now a complimentary service with all UK Diving Services underwater surveys.

Underwater Survey And Sonar - Cromarty Bridge

For the third consecutive year UK Diving Services have provided underwater services on the Cromarty Bridge on the east coast of Scotland on behalf of Transport Scotland.  Originally in 2015 UKDS undertook a full underwater scour and condition survey of the bridge and concluded that urgent repairs were required to several of the deeper channel piers where sea bed levels had dropped and the supporting Hercules piles had become exposed. In 2016 repairs were undertaken including concrete grouting and the placing of extensive rock armour. Rock is a good fundamental scour protection however by protecting one pier generally tends to pass the scour problem to the next adjacent unprotected pier. We have now introduced sonar backed diving surveys for monitoring the structure's scour protection. 

Propeller And Rudder Inspection Of Damaged Vessel Putford Aries After Running Aground

UK Diving Services Ltd attended an emergency call out to the ship Putford Aries. The vessel ran aground whilst entering Great Yarmouth causing the starboard  prop to stall. On inspection from our underwater dive team in was concluded that the starboard rudder assembly was bent forward directly into the propeller blades causing extensive damage and jamming the propeller. Written damage report and video was submitted on conclusion of inspection

Underwater Survey Of Power Station Reservoir Tower Hydro Intake Screens

UK Diving Services Ltd have undertaken a full underwater sonar and diving inspection of the intake screens on behalf of Zenith for Scottish Power. The intake screens  and forebay were at 12m depth and clear of debris. NDT inspection of the steel work was carried out. 2D sonar provides helpful underwater images to back any diving inspection or survey

UK Diving Services Ltd - Sewage Outfall Inspection

UK Diving Services recently assisted PGL Travel with an inspection of a blocked sewage outfall which discharges into the river Tay in central Scotland. Our diving team provided a digital video survey of the submerged elements of the sewage pipe including the open discharge end and trash screen.

Internal Inspection Of Concrete Sewage Effluent Pipe At STW Treatment Plant

UK Diving Services Ltd have undertaken an internal inspection of of a decommissioned concrete sewage effluent pipe. the purpose of the survey was to understand the condition within the pipe to determine if the structure is structurally sound to support plant crossing the adjacent access road. The pipe was in a flooded state during inspection.

UK Diving Services Provide Thames Safety Boat Services In London

UKDS are currently contracted by the Greenhatch Group to assist with surveying Southmere Lake in London. The project is part of a larger scheme which includes the demolition of a large residential estate with a view to build next generation housing.

UKDS Contracted To Atkins On Behalf Of Severn Trent Water

UK Diving Services recently completed a variety of principle bridge inspections on behalf of ATKINS engineering. The works included underwater inspection and sonar surveys of two large multiple arch bridges spanning the Ladybower reservoir. The structures were built during the second world war prior to damming and flooding of the valley and villages below. An interesting project that demanded extensive planning and skill due to the depth of the bridge piers which met bed level at 31m.

UKDS Closely Monitor Aberdeen Bridges

UK Diving Services re-visit Persley Bridge And  Bridge Of Dee in Aberdeen to undertake point cloud 3D sonar and topographic surveys of the structures. The data was compared to previous surveys of the the structures to determine the extent of any scour or undercut to the bridge. Additionally dive surveys were undertaken to examine the condition of the structure piers and abutments. The project was co-ordinated on behalf of Bear Scotland and Transport Scotland

UKDS Provide River Wall Inspection In Sunderland

UK Diving Services have been contracted on behalf of CAPITA to provide a river wall condition survey to determine suitability prior to the construction of a new road to link to the new River Wear crossing. The new road bridge will be a two span cable stayed bridge with an A-frame pylon rising to 105m crossing the River Wear between Castletown and and Pallion. The new bridge will have two lanes of traffic in each direction, plus cycleways and footpaths along its full length. Our dive team inspected a variety of structures along the wall from concrete piers and sheet pile walls to areas of timber fenders and rock embankments.

Safety Boat And Pontoon Services From Sunderland To River Thames

UK Diving Services Provide Thames Safety Boat Services

UKDS are providing safety boat services in central London on the river Thames. Our 7.2m RIB is equipped with all the latest safety equipment required by the Port Of London Authority to operate a rescue boat on the tidal Thames. Last year UKDS operated a safety boat on behalf of Mackley at London Bridge whilst the new staircase was being fabricated and installed adjacent and over the waterway. During the 6 month operation our crews rescued 3 persons from the river Thames.

Thames Safety Boat Services

River Wall Underwater Diving Inspection And Sonar Survey

UKDS have secured a river wall inspection in Sunderland north east England. The survey involves underwater inspection of the tidal river wall over several hundred meters. Due to likely poor visibility within the area divers will be using tactile probing methods of inspection backed by 2d sonar images.

Hovercraft Hire And Rental Services

UKDS now offer hovercraft rental and hire services for cost effective, fast and safe transport for commercial operations nationwide. Applications include flood rescue, inter-tidal and near shore works, access, surveying, archaeology, sampling, mapping, environmental monitoring, crew transfer and mud rescue. 

UKDS Win Contract For Bridge Inspections For Glasgow County Council

UK Diving Services have been awarded and undertaken 30 bridge inspections on behalf of GCC via SWECO a third party. The bridges include most of the roadway bridges on both the tidal and non tidal river Clyde. The inspections included underwater sonar and video recorded to BCI format.

London Tideway Sewer Tunnel Project

UK Diving Services are currently working on the Thames Tideway project on the tidal river Thames at Battersea and London Gateway. We are providing a 7.5m Port of London Authority coded RIB for safety and rescue boat operations on and within the waterway estuary.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is an under-construction 25 km (16 mi) tunnel running mostly under the tidal section of the River Thames through central London, which will provide capture, storage and conveyance of almost all the combined raw sewage and rainwater discharges that currently overflow into the river.


Underwater Surveys Using 3D Multi-beam Sonar Scanning Techniques With Imagery Software

As an add-on to our conventional underwater diving inspections UK Diving Services Ltd now provide Hi-resolution 2D & 3D multi-beam sonar surveys  to survey  river beds, stone piers, concrete bag work, sheet pile walls, docks, moorings, scour holes and abutments etc. For further details please email us.

Angus Council Bridge Inspections

UK Diving Services Ltd recently provided bridge inspection services to Angus Council. Twelve bridges were surveyed to assess the extent of any scour/undercut to the structures and determine the bridges structural integrity

UK Diving Services Complete Post Flooding Bridge Inspections For Aberdeenshire Council

After severe flooding earlier this year UK Diving Services assisted with an urgent requirement to provide underwater surveys to several bridges on the river Dee and Don to assess their structural integrity. The surveys were completed on time successfully and written reports and video footage submitted. Other bridge inspections were also undertaken on smaller waterways including some confined space access

London Bridge Safety Boat Operations - Tidal Thames

Since 2015 Titanium UK are providing safety boat operations at London Bridge as part of the new London Bridge staircase project adjacent the tidal Thames.

During our time on site Titanium have participated in several rescue operations for real persons in water in close proximity to the bridge......proving our rescue plan is effective in an emergency

UK Diving Services Secure Inspection Contract With AECOM On Behalf Of The Environment Agency

UK Diving Services win a confined space access contract with AECOM. Services include providing access to flooded culvets where diffrential pressure and other site specific hazards are present. The inspection will include cctv, UT readings and ndt.

UK Diving Services Take Delivery Of New Offshore 7m Dive RIB

This RIB has awesome sea keeping capabilities along with a substantial power delivery from its DF200HP Suzuki engine. This is a go anywhere RIB thats now available for RIB charter and hire in the UK. Call us today to hire this RIB with commercial skipper and crew. Click here to see the XS RIB in action as used by the police.

New Lifting Barge For Lifting Operations On The Water

UK Diving Services Ltd have taken delivery of a new aluminium  lifting barge to assist with our day to day diving and marine operations. The vessel comes complete with spud legs for extra stability for lifting heavier loads onto the large storage deck. The vessel is road transportable so can mobilise to any UK location at short notice. Lifting capabilities are up to 5 ton. Call our team for further information if you wish to hire or charter this pontoon lifting barge.

London Bridge Safety And Rescue Boat Operations For City Of London

UK Diving Services Ltd are currently engaged in safety and rescue boat operations at London Bridge on the tidal Thames in London. We are providing safety support to operatives working above the waters edge whilst constructing and assembling platforms. Our safety boat is a PLA licensed vessel and we operate under local knowledge endorsement LKE

London Bridge Safety And Rescue Boat Hire Services On The Tidal Thames For PLA 

Confined Space Diving During Inspection Of Bridge Box Beams

UK Diving Services Ltd recently undertook an inspection of a bridge with flooded box beams.The inspection involved surveying inside the chambers of the flooded box beams including the voids and diaphragms between them. CCTV footage was taken during the inspection.

Confined Space Culvert Inspection In Wales

UK Diving Services Ltd recently undertook a visual/condition survey of the 126m partially flooded Six Bells culvert in Abertillery, Wales. In addition to the visual inspection our confined space engineers took laser measurements to determine the line of the culvert/tunnel.


Salvage Of Sunken Motor Cruiser In Nottingham

UK Diving Services Ltd provided the diving expertise to assist Commercial Boat Services with recovering a sunken Camper & Nicholson motor cruiser on the river Trent in Nottingham. Our 5 man HSE dive team attached 6no x 5ton IBU's to the the vessel whilst she was laying on the river bed at Holme lock. Once the motor cruiser was re-floated the team from CBS towed her to a local crane site where she was lifted to shore in one piece.


NOC Tide Gauge Replacement At Cromer RNLI Station

UK Diving Services Ltd provided diving and vessel support during a tide gauge replacement at Cromer for the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).


Safety Boat Operation At MI6 On The River Thames

UK Diving Services Ltd provided safety boat services whilst operatives took core samples and screw pulls along Albert Embankment as part of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. As part of any works on the tidal Thames where operatives are working on the foreshore the PLA (Port Of London Authority) require a safety boat to be in position in the event the tide were rise and cut off any person from safe egress. Other considerations are swells up to 1.2 m from passing vessels. Our team were security checked by the MET Police.

Rescue And Safety Boat Operations At SIS Vauxhall Bridge London

Safety Boat Operations On The River Lune For Network Rail

UK Diving Services recently provided a licensed rescue boat with qualified crew for safety boat operations whilst operatives were working over fast flowing water. Workmen assembled scaffold over a rail bridge spanning the river Lune at Arkholme in the Lake District. Rainfall and flow levels were monitored continuously to  allow work to progress safely.

Safety And Rescue Boat Hire Services On The River Lune

Prop Clearance For MOD

UK Diving Services Ltd deployed a commercial dive team to inspect the underside of HMS Gleaner whilst she was moored at Harwich. The ships commander was experiencing vibration at increased rpm. Our diver found and removed nylon netting from the starboard propeller and prop shaft solving the technical issue.

UK Diving Services Win West London Bridge Inspection Contract

UK Diving Services Ltd have recently received instruction to undertake several underwater bridge inspections in West London. The WSP Group

contracted UK Diving Services to provide detailed underwater inspection services on behalf of their client. Our services included providing soundings as well as scour and structural assessments.


Anchor Dive Survey

UK Diving Services Ltd have provided dive support for a salvage vessel in the North Sea. UK Diving Services Ltd were contracted by Boskalis Westminster to assist with a possible slipped anchor

UK Diving Services Work With RNLI To Search For Missing Aircraft

On the 22nd July 2013 UK Diving Services Ltd were contacted to assist with locating a missing pilot presumed lost at sea when his Cirrus aircraft crashed into the English Channel less than 24 hrs earlier. Rescue efforts were called off by the Coastguard and RNLI after wreckage was found off the Dungeness coast.

UK Diving Services Ltd liaised with the RNLI who provided us with the times and co-ordinates of the area where the floating wreckage was last found. Because the exact impact zone was unknown and the depths of water were beyond practical air diving limits it was necessary to locate the aircraft using sonar and ROV's.  The search pattern information we obtained was passed to the sonar and ROV team who used the information to help locate the aircraft.

The underwater rescue team found the wreckage.

Latest information can be viewed here...


Safety And Rescue Boats Provided For Scaffold Operation In Yorkshire

UK Diving Services Ltd were contracted in to provide rescue and safety boat services for operatives working in shallow water underneath a rail bridge in Yorkshire. In addition our company provided floating platforms and work boats to assist with the essential bridge maintenance. The scaffold was erected and dismantled one arch at a time so not to overload the weak bridge.


Safety Boat For London Demolition Works

UK Diving Services Ltd were recently contracted in by Prodem Ltd for a striking of a scaffold next to the Limehouse Cut in east London. Our safety boat team provided rescue and safety boat services at the east London location whilst operatives worked near the waters edge.

Bon Voyage! - Removal Of Mooring Line From Bow Thruster Of The Cruise Ship Queen Victoria

UK Diving Services Ltd were contracted in today to Southampton docks by Carnival UK to remove a mooring line sucked into a bow thruster of the cruise ship Queen Victoria. On arrival at port side 5 hrs prior to the ships scheduled departure our dive team were made aware of a mooring rope snagged to the underside of the forward section of the ships hull. On investigation it was found the line had been pulled into the thruster duct. Our diver removed the line within a couple of hours and the vessel sailed as scheduled


UK Diving Services At Lowestoft

Due to the success of our last recovery operation at Harwich UK Diving Services were contracted in again to replace a series of underwater sensors for the survey company EGS Surveys

Our dive team removed 4 hydro-graphic sensors from beneath the vessel at the stern of the ship and replaced them with higher specification models.

UK Diving Services Contracted In To Recover Lost Magnetometer Off Of Harwich

UK Diving Services were contacted by EGS Surveys to find and recover a lost magnetometer off of the Harwich coast. The magnetometer was lost whilst EGS were surveying an area to map sunken vessels. Our commercial dive team deployed from the port of Harwich and anticipated diving both the high and low tidal windows to allow optimum chance of success. The magnetometer was found and recovered on the first dive at high tide...a good result for all parties!

Tank Diving Services For London Police HQ

UK Diving Services Ltd recently undertook  an interesting tank dive for Seaflex Ltd where an inflatable mattress was inflated and placed on the surface of the water inside the tank whilst operatives broke open an opening in the roof of the sprinkler tank. The purpose of the operation was to install new hatches to allow for easier access in the future. The purpose of the inflatable matress was to catch falling debris so there was no risk of any material entering the sprinkler system and causing any blockages. Our divers entered through narrow access channels in the side of the tank.

Safety Boat Cover Whilst Operatives Replace Bridge Drainage On M25 Crossing

UK Diving Services Ltd are providing on going safety and rescue boat hire services for Skanska Balfour Beatty JV whilst operatives are assembling scaffold to the underside of the M25 carriageway crossing the river Lee. Our company with its extensive background in underwater and marine services is providing water safety and boat traffic marshaling throughout the duration of the project.

Survey Boat On The River Cherwell And Thames

UK Diving Services Ltd provide commercial boat master and survey boat hire on the river Thames and river Cherwell for GC Surveys

River Lune Safety Boat Operation

UK Diving Services Ltd are providing safety boats and rescue boat hire services for operatives painting a bridge spanning the river Lune. Our commercial safety boats and crew are well placed to provide safety cover on this demanding inshore waterway. Our vessels go through rigorous testing and our crews highly are trained.

Underwater Diving Survey Of Fire Water Storage Tank With Blocked Impeller

UK Diving Services Ltd were instructed to survey a large fire water storage tank near Liverpool which had a faulty pump. Our professional divers found the sprinkler tank had small amounts of debris inside and concluded they were sucked into the pumps impeller causing pump proven upon isolation and removal. Our teams have extensive experience in accessing a variety of water and chemical tanks.

Survey Boat Hire Services

UK Diving Services Ltd have recently been engaged on river bed survey operations by providing licensed survey boats for surveyors to access waterways as part of Network Rail scheduled rail bridge inspections. Our survey boats also second as safety vessels.

Nottingham Bridge Scour Survey

UK Diving Services Ltd undertook a diving scour survey of the piers at Wilford Bridge, Nottingham. The survey was part of the Nottingham Tram Project which involved sending divers to determine if the bridge footings were structurally sound thus allowing the original bridge to take the additional weight of the new wider bridge and carriageway to accommodate the new trams.

Night Time Safety Boat Operations On The River Thames Navigation At Reading

UK Diving Services Ltd provided PLA licensed safety boats and rescue boat cover during night time operations whilst operatives were working from an up and over cherry picker on the underside of the bridge arches at Reading. This operation was very short notice...our team was deployed and on site providing water safety services within 2 hours of instruction.

River Thames Camera Boat Hire For Filming Hot Tug

UK Diving Services Ltd were involved in the filming of a floating hot water spa on the river Thames navigation at Staines. Our company providing a film boat with qualified skipper for the camera and sound crew to film the Hot Tug and its designer whilst afloat.

IWS (ABS ) Underwater Hull Inspection Of North Sea Supply Ship MV North Truck At Lowestoft

UK Diving Services Ltd were recently invited by UMC International to provide a dive team and equipment to undertake the ABS hull survey of the offshore supply vessel MV North Truck. The underwater hull inspection was recorded in real time with digital cctv playback at Lowestoft docks in the presence of an approved ABS surveyor allowing the ship to continue its offshore operations in the North Sea on time.

Rochester Bridge River Medway Safety Boat Ops

UK Diving Services Ltd provided waterside safety and rescue boat cover for operatives and engineers from CCL International Ltd whilst undertaking inspections to the support bearings of Rochester Bridge. Our Port Of London Authority registered safety boats with trained commercial skippers and crew provided safety support whilst operatives were working above this tidal waterway.

Thorpe Park Dive Survey

Thorpe Park Underwater Inspection

Our commercial dive teams provided specialist underwater inspection services for this well known national attraction.

UK Diving Services Ltd undertook several underwater inspections within the theme park including ....underwater survey to the underside hull of one of the theme parks floating barges and an underwater examination of a faulty submersible pump which provides water to the rides.

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London Bridge Safety Boat Operations - Tidal Thames

Since 2015 Titanium UK are providing safety boat operations at London Bridge as part of the new London Bridge staircase project adjacent the tidal Thames.

During our time on site Titanium have participated in several rescue operations for real persons in water in close proximity to the bridge......proving our rescue plan is effective in an emergency

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